An Economical ALD Development Reactor for Every Lab

Jacob A. Bertrand1, Frank Papa2, Marion McEuen2
1Maxima Sciences LLC, Montgomery, OH; 2GP Plasma, Medina, OH
Maxima Sciences LLC and GP Plasma would like to introduce the RALD (Research Atomic Layer Deposition) starter system. It is designed to ease entry into Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) research. Historically, getting started in ALD research has required buying an expensive system or building one, neither of which is suitable for most labs when getting started. Our reactor system is designed with the researcher in mind. It is sized to allow deposition on 200 mm wafers as well as 3D substrates. It is a reliable benchtop system which fits in a minimum footprint and does not require numerous or specialized utility support, allowing it to be dropped simply into an existing lab. The system’s user-friendly design allows the end user to easily manage maintenance. By being capable of accepting standard pre-packaged, or refillable, precursor cylinders, the choices in chemistry are endless. Our goal is to provide a system that allows researchers to focus on their application and not maintaining their tool. If you’re looking for a no-frills workhorse to jumpstart your ALD research, contact us.

Jacob Bertrand - Maxima Sciences LLC