Friday, May 7, 2021
1:00 PM - 1:20 PM (EDT)
Vacuum Thin Film Deposition for Automotive Applications
Carsten Deus - VON ARDENNE GmbH

*Carsten Deus1, Stanley Rehn1, Maik Vieluf1, Markus Piwko1, Thomas Niederhausen1, Ken Nauman2
1VON ARDENNE GmbH, Dresden, Germany; 2VON ARDENNE USA, Chandler, AZ
There is a long history of vacuum thin film deposition in the manufacture of automotive components such as mirrors, reflectors, glazings, or displays. During the past 5 years, a paradigm shift and technology advances in the automotive industry based on electrification, ADAS, and driver information format have triggered new developments of PVD coatings for the automotive value chain, some of which have been developed up to market maturity. The talk will highlight some of these recent developments including coatings for fuel cells, batteries, and car displays, and explain the related technologies, layer stacks, and equipment.

Session Type
Large Area Coatings