Thursday, May 6, 2021
11:30 AM - 11:50 AM (EDT)
Physical Simulations of Electrical Fields and Temperature Distributions in Low Energy High Intensity Thermionic Electron Beam Generators
Thomas Schösser - ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH

*T. Schösser, O. Hinrichs, G. Reiter, T. Hohmann, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Hanau, Germany

Electron beam generators play an important role in lots of thermal processes, such as EB (electron beam) welding, melting, and evaporation.  The necessary heat is provided by an intense continuous electron beam. Due to the high intensity, self-induced space charge defocuses the beam. The magnetic lens system has to compensate for this effect using residual gas ions. Beam dynamic simulations with CST-Particle Studio code were performed via numerical models. We present an updated status on these simulations of beam dynamics. The focus of this talk is on beam distributions and electrical fields for different geometrical layouts and beam parameters. The simulated electron beam system produces currents of up to 15 A at energies of up to 50 keV.

Session Type
Electron Beam Technology