Monday, May 10, 2021
10:50 AM - 11:10 AM (EDT)
Real-Time Spectral Plasma Analysis Software Tools
Patricia Killen - Gencoa Ltd

*Patricia Killen1, Joseph Brindley1, Benoit Daniel1, Oisin Boyle2, Dermot Monaghan1, Victor Bellido-Gonzalez1
1Gencoa Ltd, Liverpool, United Kingdom; 2University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Spectral analysis of the light emission from a plasma can yield useful process monitoring and control information. Typically a light spectrum from a plasma has a multitude of different emission lines of varying intensities and wavelengths. To determine the exact nature of the gas, metal and molecular species present is highly desirable. However, with thousands of different species with discrete and overlapping light emissions, the task can be somewhat long-winded. The presentation will illustrate a smart software package that can sort the spectral infomation and process the data in real-time. This enables easy and comprehensive species identification and sorting from any visible light plasma processes.

Session Type
Vendor Innovator Showcase