Monday, May 10, 2021
12:40 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
Rotary Cathode Solutions for R&D and Smaller System Applications - Redo
Sarah Williams - Sputtering Components Inc

Sarah Williams, Sputtering Components Inc, Owatonna MN Sputtering Components Inc (SCI) manufactures rotary cathodes and associated components and this year celebrates 20 years in business with over 5500 end blocks shipped worldwide. SCI cathodes integrate at any level from components to complete turn-key process lids and started out manufacturing cathodes for the architectural glass industry. While this is still a large part of our business, SCI also offers many solutions for R&D and smaller system applications that may use targets under 1m in length. There are internal (CC) and external (CM) mount versions that are designed for 80mm ID targets for new systems or for upgrading planar cathodes to increase output and quality of existing coaters. The TC end block is the most compact design available for standard 125mm ID targets and is designed specifically to replace planar cathodes where space is limited. SCI also manufactures a wide range of magnet bars including the remotely adjustable magnet bar (RAM-Bar). The RAM-Bar is used to improve coating uniformity by fine tuning the distance between the magnetics and the target surface from outside the system and during operation to eliminate costly system shutdown. It is compatible with all SCI end blocks for 125mm ID targets and is now available in short versions for R&D and smaller systems. Manufacturing of SCI products is fulfilled in-house allowing complete control over quality and schedule. All products are designed so that maintenance can be performed quickly and inexpensively by the end user. We look forward to highlighting the products above at the virtual SVC TechCon this year.

Session Type
Vendor Innovator Showcase