Monday, May 10, 2021
1:20 PM - 1:40 PM (EDT)
The Full Range of Magnetic Array Options for Planar Magnetrons – Too Much Choice? - Redo
Dermot Monaghan - Gencoa Ltd

*Dermot Monaghan, Victor Bellido-Gonzalez, Robert Brown, Gencoa Ltd, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Planar magnetrons are the oldest form of large scale sputtering device and still widely used with certain advanctages over rotatable magnetrons. This showcase will present the wide range of magnetic array options that are available and the reasons for choosing a particular type. The magnetic designs range from standard 2 pole balanced or unbalanced (SW/PP), variable balance / unbalance (VT/VTR), multiple pole high yield types (HY), metalizer target designs (Mz), Loop for ferromagnetic target materials (LP), uniformity adjustable arrays (VTFlex), and extra high target use (XH). A overiew of the applications for each type will help to avoid the ‘too much choice’ dilemma.

Session Type
Vendor Innovator Showcase