Wednesday, May 5, 2021
4:40 PM - 5:00 PM (EDT)
Many New Innovations to Report from Trumpf Huettinger, Inc.
Mark Seeman - TRUMPF Huettinger, Inc.

Pawel Ozimek1, Krzysztof Ruda1, Sebastian Wassenberg2, Don Haislet3, *Mark Seeman3
1Trumpf Huettinger, Inc., Zielonka, Poland; 2Trumpf Microwave, Stutensee, Germany; 3Trumpf Huettinger, Inc., Santa Clara, CA
TRUMPF Huettinger is pleased to present to the SVC community our innovative array of technical products for multiple, industrial applications. Encompassed in our latest release of products we are proud to introduce the following electronic devices: Solid State Microwave and Power Amplifiers; Third generation DC, DC Pulsed, and BiPolar generator; HV DC and HV BiPolar generators; Low Power DC and DC Pulsed generators; DC Resistive generators; VHF generators and associated Matching Networks; and Second generation Arc and Bias generators. Many of these products utilize next generation (SiC and GaN) semiconductor technology that allows for improved power efficiency and reduced component counts which equates to cost savings, improved product reliability, and overall best in class performance. Although many of our products are designed and well suited for Industrial Coating markets, our next-gen products are also accepted and utilized by many semiconductor companies. In short, TRUMPF Huettinger’s technology provides our customers with improved power performance, thus reducing process issues and operational failures. Challenge us today and find out why TRUMPF Huettinger’s electronic products are changing the way premiere deposition and coating companies do business.

Session Type
Vendor Innovator Showcase