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Name Speakers Session Type
Additive Manufacturing (AM): Towards Realizing AM’s Full Potential (Keynote Presentation)William Frazier - Pilgrim Consulting LLCKeynote
Challenges for Optical Coatings in Global Markets: Consumer Electronics, Automotive and E-mobility (Invited Presentation)Steffen Runkel - Bühler Alzenau GmbHOptical Coatings
Inline Magnetron Sputtering for Highly Demanding Laser-Optical CoatingsDaniel Glöß - Fraunhofe-Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEPOptical Coatings
Interphases and Interfaces in Batteries Probed by PES Techniques (Invited Presentation)Kristina Edstrom - Uppsala UniversityEnergy Conversion
Synthesis of Porous Silicon, Nickel and Carbon Layers by Vapor Phase DealloyingStefan Saager - Fraunhofer FEPEnergy Conversion
Developing Optical Coatings for Gravitational Wave Detectors and Laser Optics using Next Generation Ion Beam Deposition TechniqueChalisa Gier - University of StrathclydeOptical Coatings
Variation of Indices of Refraction of Very Thin Silver Layers with Materials, Thickness, and Simulation ModelsRon Willey - Willey Optical, ConsultantsOptical Coatings
Glancing Angle Deposited CdTe in Solar CellsNiva Jayswal - University of Toledo, Res & Tech Complex 1Energy Conversion
Using Optical Interference Filters to Measure Autofluorescence in Substrates and CoatingsJeremy Grace - IDEX Health & ScienceOptical Coatings
Freeform Optics and The Ideal Antireflection SurfaceRon Willey - Willey Optical, ConsultantsOptical Coatings
Inorganic-Organic Halide Based Perovskite and Solar Cells: Proper Optical ProbingBiwas Subedi - University of ToledoEnergy Conversion
Durable Optical Coatings Containing Ultra-Thin Silver FilmsPhillip Rumsby - Polytechnique MontréalOptical Coatings
High-Rate Printing of Nano and Micro Electronics and Sensors (Invited Presentation)Ahmed Busnaina - NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITYAdditive Manufacturing
Optical Properties of Amorphous MoOx , AR for Metal ConductorsDavid Tsu - The Mackinac Technology CompanyOptical Coatings
Comparison of the Behavior of Three Different Ion/Plasma Sources for Optical Coating Processes Using A Direct Current Power SupplyRon Willey - Willey Optical, ConsultantsOptical Coatings
Manufacturing Thin Coatings by Thermal Spray Methods (Invited Presentation)Christopher Berndt - Swinburne UniversityAdditive Manufacturing
Specifying n&k in Optical Thin Film CalculationsFred GOLDSTEIN - FTG Software AssociatesOptical Coatings
Extracting n and k Values of Optical Coating Layers From Spectrophotometric CurvesRon Willey - Willey Optical, ConsultantsOptical Coatings
High Accuracy Broadband Optical Monitor Colin Quinn - Plasma Process groupOptical Coatings
Vacuum Deposition of Electro-active Coatings for Thin-Film Neural Interfaces (Keynote Presentation)Stuart Cogan - The University of Texas at DallasKeynote
HIPIMS Direct Metallization of Plastics: Influence of the Peak Current and the Choice of SubstratesRalf Bandorf - Fraunhofer ISTHIPIMS
Two Decades of HIPIMS Technology: Challenges and Innovations Enabling Industrial SuccessWojciech Gajewski - TRUMPF HuettingerHIPIMS
Advances in Precision Optical Coatings Produced by Roll to Roll Vacuum Web CoatingMike Simmons - Intellivation LLCWebTech
Thin Films for Green Hydrogen Production by PEMWE: An Outlook for HIPIMS Technology Benefits into Bipolar Plates Protection (Invited Presentation)Lucia Mendizabal - TEKNIKERHIPIMS
Insights of Future Inline Metrology for Conductive CoatingsMarcus Klein - SURAGUS GmbHWebTech
Investigating the Manufacturability of Flexible Thin-Film Devices (TEGs) Using Roll-to-Roll ProcessingXudong Tao - University of OxfordWebTech
New Approach to Perform Plasma Nitriding of Alloys using HIPIMS DischargeKrishnanand Shukla - Sheffield Hallam UniversityHIPIMS
Quality Factors in Permeation Barrier Coatings on Flexible Polymer WebsJohn Fahlteich - Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEPWebTech
How to Overcome the Reluctance to Control Production Processes ActivelyThomas Schütte - PLASUS GmbHHIPIMS
Considering Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Roll-to-Roll ApplicationNina Hong - J.A. Woollam Co. IncWebTech
Light-Activated High Efficiency Antimicrobial and Antiviral CoatingsVictor Bellido-Gonzalez - Gencoa LtdBiomedical Applications
The Balance Between Deposition Rate and Ionized Flux Fraction in the High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering DischargeJon Tomas Gudmundsson - University of IcelandHIPIMS
Bactericidal Inorganic Coatings - A Path Away from Antibiotics (Invited Presentation)Jeffrey Hettinger - Rowan UniversityBiomedical Applications
One-Dimensional PIC/MCC Simulation of HiPIMS DischargesBocong Zheng - Fraunhofer USAHIPIMS
Reactively Sputtered TiN Coatings Using Inverted Cylindrical Magnetrons for Use in Cardiac Rhythm Management DevicesWesley Seche - Pulse TechnologiesBiomedical Applications
Fundamental Investigation of Hierarchical Surface Restructuring of Electrodes and Microelectrode Arrays for Neurostimulation ApplicationsNatalie Page - Rowan UniversityBiomedical Applications
6-Phenylhexyl Silane Derivatized, Sputtered Silicon Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) Fiber for the Analysis of PAHs in Environmental SamplesDhananjay Patel - Brigham Young UniversityBiomedical Applications
An Update on COVID-19: Seeing the End of the Pandemic (Keynote Presentation)David Aronoff - Vanderbilt University Medical CenterKeynote
Real-Time Spectral Plasma Analysis Software ToolsPatricia Killen - Gencoa LtdVendor Innovator Showcase
Advanced and Versatile Process Control System EMICON SA for Production LInesThomas Schütte - PLASUS GmbHVendor Innovator Showcase
Sputtering Targets by Powder Metallurgy for Display, Energy and Hardcoating ApplicationsChristian Linke - Plansee SEVendor Innovator Showcase
Cromatipic® – An Environment Friendly Technology for Metallization on Plastics with Future Proof Regulations.Chinmay Trivedi - IHI Hauzer Techno Coating BVTribological Coating
Advanced Energy Customer Solutions Lab | A Central Hub for Plasma Deposition Research and Development ActivitiesGayatri Rane - Advanced Energy Industries GmbHVendor Innovator Showcase
Rotary Cathode Solutions for R&D and Smaller System ApplicationsSarah Williams - Sputtering Components IncVendor Innovator Showcase
Exceeding the Expectation - A Customer Centered Approach for Custom Coating Equipment and Process SolutionsJames Haight - Semicore Equipment, Inc.Vendor Innovator Showcase
Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (Ta-C) for Piston RingsMark Pellman - Pellman Technology, Inc.Tribological Coating
Sputtering Nickel From a Rotary Cathode As a Replacement For Decorative ElectroplatingSarah Williams - Sputtering Components IncTribological Coating
The Full Range of Magnetic Array Options for Planar Magnetrons – Too Much Choice?Dermot Monaghan - Gencoa ltdVendor Innovator Showcase
Laser Induced Plasmonic Color Printing on Semicontinuous Metal FilmsSarah Nahar Chowdhury - Purdue UniversityTribological Coating
Innovation in E-Beam DepositionTom Guppenberger - TELEMARKVendor Innovator Showcase
Intellivation: Innovators of Vacuum Thin Film Web Coaters and ComponentsMike Simmons - Intellivation LLCVendor Innovator Showcase
MINIMET - PVD Coating System for Small to Medium Production VolumesMarko Schoebitz - VTD Vakuumtechnik Dresden GmbH, A Unit of TennecoVendor Innovator Showcase
Differentiated by World Class DfR (Design for Reliability)Matt Lacy - Advanced EnergyVendor Innovator Showcase
Design and Manufacturing of Transparent, Functional Coatings for Manipulating Radar WavesKerstin Täschner - Fraunhofer-Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEPCommunications 2030 Symposium
Control Your Stress in Order to Avoid a Catastrophic Breakdown – New Techniques for Simple, Fast and Inexpensive Coating System Analysis and DesignTroy vom Braucke - GP Plasma LLCVendor Innovator Showcase
Cross Platform Integration of Differing Manufacturers’ Cryogenic Pumps on the Same Process ToolFrank Jankowsky III - SynSysCoVendor Innovator Showcase
Many New Innovations to Report from Trumpf Huettinger, Inc.Mark Seeman - TRUMPF Huettinger, Inc.Vendor Innovator Showcase
Superconductivity: From Discoveries to Thin Film Devices (Don Mattox Tutorial Presentation)Larry Scipioni - PVD ProductsKeynote
Gas Discharge Electron Sources - Powerful Tools for Thin-Film Technologies (Invited Presentation)Burkhard Zimmermann - Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEPElectron Beam Technology
Understanding the Role of Substrate Geometry in Plasma Polymerization on Non-Planar SubstratesLenka Zajickova - CEITEC Brno University of TechnologyPlasma Processing
Plasma Diagnostic: A Mandatory Step Towards a Better Understanding of the Plasma Polymerization Process (Invited Presentation)Damien Thiry - University of MonsPlasma Processing
Conveyor Imprints Cleaning, Surface Etching and Activation - All in One Scalable Solution Based on Ion Source "LUCH" from IzovacPavel Shapotkin - Izovac LtdLarge Area Coatings
Cold Atmospheric Plasma Devices for SARS-CoV-2 Disinfection (Invited Presentation)Michael Keidar - George Washington UniversityPlasma Processing
Measurement of a Film Stress Profile within a Calo-Wear Crater Via Nano-Indentation Using a Top-Down Fundamental Mathematical ApproachTroy vom Braucke - GP Plasma LLCEmerging Technology
Synthesis and Characterization of Reactively Sputtered Platinum Group Metal Oxides for Stimulating and Recording ApplicationsJeffrey Hettinger - Rowan UniversityEmerging Technology
Large Area Microwave Plasma Source Arrays for Ion-Assisted Sputtering of DLC and Surface ModificationAlexander Welsh - Malachite Technologies, Inc.Plasma Processing
Periodic Thin-Film Optical Sensors: Technology and Applications (Invited Presentation)Robert Magnusson - UT-ArlingtonThin Film Sensors
Ion-Beam Crystal-Aligned Templates for Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of High-Temperature Superconductor TapesVladimir Matias - iBeam MaterialsThin Film Superconductors
Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Thin Film Superconductor Tapes: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities (Invited Presentation)Venkat Selvamanickam - University of HoustonThin Film Superconductors
Parity-Time High Contrast (PT-HCGs): A New Platform for Integrated Thin Film Gas SensorsTina Hemati - University of OklahomaThin Film Sensors
High Speed MgO Buffer Layer Deposition System for Commercial HTS Tape ProductionJames Greer - PVD ProductsThin Film Superconductors
Atomic Layer Deposition: An Enabling Thin Film Nanotechnology for a Growing Number of Applications (Keynote Presentation)Erwin Kessels - Eindhoven University of TechnologyKeynote
Thin Film Coating Technology Contributing to the Search for Extraterrestrial Life. The Realization of the Coating Plant for the Segments of the Primary Mirror of the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) in ChileJeroen Schotsaert - AGC Plasma Technology SolutionsLarge Area Coatings
Automated Analysis of Vacuum Processes Using Artificial IntelligenceJoe Brindley - Gencoa LimitedLarge Area Coatings
Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of ZnO Ultra-Thin Films Monitored by In-Situ Spectroscopic EllipsometryUfuk Kilic - University of Nebraska LincolnAtomic Layer Processing
Insight into Molecular Layer Deposition Initiation and Transition to Steady Growth by Systematic Adjustment of Polyurea Precursor StructureRachel Nye - North Carolina State UniversityAtomic Layer Processing
Mechanical Characterization of Freestanding Thin Coatings Using NanoindentationHenna Khosla - Villanova UniversityAtomic Layer Processing
Benefits of Using a Magnetic Active Anode in the Sputtering of Rotatable MagnetronsPatrick McCarthy - GencoaLarge Area Coatings
Aluminium Hollow Cathode Gas Plasma Sources for Atomic Layer DepositionK. Scott Butcher - Meaglow LtdAtomic Layer Processing
Ion Implantation on Large Area Substrate for Materials Surface TreatmentCameron Gottlieb - AGC Glass EuropeLarge Area Coatings
ALD-CAP® Encapsulation of Wafers, Devices, and ObjectsDaniel Higgs - ForgeNanoAtomic Layer Processing
5G Signal Penetrating Low-E Coating TechnologyGuowen Ding - LabforinventionLarge Area Coatings
Mechanisms of Thermal Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) of Nickel by Acetylacetone (acacH) MoleculesAbdulrahman H. Basher - Center for Atomic and Molecular Technologies (CAMT), Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University.Atomic Layer Processing
Vera C. Rubin Observatory - Coating Plant Assembly, Integration and Early ResultsTomislav Vucina - AURA/Vera C Rubin ObservatoryLarge Area Coatings
Sustainability In A Rapidly Changing World (Invited Presentation)Marc Landry - National Renewable Energy LabsSustainable Future Symposium
Arc Energy: Methods to Control, Measure, and Compare Arc Energy Delivered Between Different Types of ArcsJosh Pankratz - Advanced EnergyLarge Area Coatings
Enabling Extreme Fast Charging Through Control of Li Deposition OverpotentialDavid Bock - Brookhaven National LaboratorySustainable Future Symposium
Astronomical Mirror Coating using Magnetron SputteringRamya Chandrasekaran - DynavacLarge Area Coatings
Linear Ion Beam Source for Anti-Reflective Glass Surface ModificationAlexander Welsh - Malachite Technologies, Inc.Large Area Coatings
Ultra-Thin Sulfide Solid Electrolyte Glass for Next Generation BatteriesSteven Visco - PolyPlus Battery CompanySustainable Future Symposium
New DRP Approach for High Speed Deposition ProcessesCraig Rappe - Advanced EnergyLarge Area Coatings
The Photonic Smart Coatings for Optoelectronic ApplicationsNISHIKANT SONWALKAR - SunDensity Inc.Sustainable Future Symposium